First Mourning Light. Artist Book. 2020
20 pages, 6.75” x 9.25”

Link to audio

“First Mourning Light” is an exploration of wakefulness, rhythm and routine, and atmosphere as they pertain to light and sound. My current studio practice investigates the ability of light and sound to function as material, isolating them as discrete phenomena to behold and bask in. “First Mourning Light” isolates the qualities we associate with morning time and presents them as physical, printed matter. The book packages a familiar atmosphere into its pages, while taking the otherwise benign and minute routine of waking and emphasizing its intimate nature. My research for this project consists of the poetic, historical, and cultural connotations of dawn via Dawn Light by Diane Ackerman, as well as the processes of biological cycles and circadian rhythms. For most people the natural sleep-wake cycle is directly affected by light, causing them to be awake during daylight hours and sleep during the night. The creation of this book involved the process of adjusting my own cycle to rise at dawn, or first morning light, for a week while observing and recording my surroundings and routine. The audio piece is an amalgamation of sounds from this observed morning routine, and confirms that the images presented in the book are at dawn as opposed to dusk. Together, the book and audio juxtapose both the stillness and the ascending energy of dawn, allowing the viewer to connect to their own rhythms.