Synaesthesia. Inkjet prints on silk. 2020.

“Synaesthesia” is an exploration of the different ways in which the human mind and body perceive these phenomena of light and sound, and how they might synthesize into some sort of tactile and transcendent experience. The installation uses processes of repetition, pattern-making, and rhythm as modes of contemplation. Detached from a singular moment in time, light and sound coalesce within the work to present an amalgamation of non-linear thought. The two phenomena become self-referential by means of repetition, and now existing outside the bounds of their original condition, take on malleable forms. Meandering through the spaces, light and sound may intersect at points, but remain separate in others. My interest lies in creating an environment that allows the viewer to step outside of the everyday experience of these two forces and observe them as discrete phenomena to behold. The work acts as a vessel in which to experience light and sound in totality; drawing upon that which feels familiar yet fleeting, it asks the viewer to presently reflect and recollect.